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The technology and media industry is an innovative and expansive field, where the work has a pace that can generate inaccuracy and create disagreement.

Companies want systems that allow their deliveries and processes to be handled in the best possible way. Particularly in the public sector we see that there is a lot of activity, especially when it comes to different forms of self-service solutions.

Our technology and media practice includes all aspects of major commercial contracts within development, operation, maintenance, cloud, licensing, distribution, offshoring, privacy, IT security, telecom, media, intellectual property, marketing, government procurement, transactions, and dispute settlement.

Typical challenges in this area are particularly found in the needs assessment process and contractual regulation:

  • Needs assessment process: We find that many clients in their assessment before the acquisition have a unclear picture of what criteria should be set, or how the new systems will fit with the existing ones. It can often be the case that there is a missing strategic approach in the needs assessment.
  • Contracts: We see that there is often a lack of awareness on the regulation, monitoring and design of contracts from both the supplier and the purchaser’s side. As a consequence, the supplier and the purchaser often have differing perceptions about what is supposed to be delivered, or they disagree on each other's obligations. There are many good standard contracts, but they must be accompanied by a correct use of contract attachments.

We ensure the client's strategy and design contracts with accuracy.

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