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Public procurement is demanding and its regulations are quite extensive. 

Berngaard/Sandbek assists both suppliers and assigners within a variety of industries. Our lawyers have solid practical experience in negotiations, implementation of bidding processes, appeals and legal proceedings. 
On the supplier’s side: Mastering the procurement regulations takes time. There is a high risk of being rejected if you have not encompassed all the requirements requested. Furthermore, we find that it is very important to question the ambiguities in the tender documents - this is an opportunity that many suppliers overlook. 
Through our assistance and specific advice, our clients are better prepared in the bidding process. We assist our clients in connection with offer development, rejections and competition cancellation, the appeal process, access requests, dispute settlement, as well as risk assessment of contracts and other consulting. 
On the provider's side: A strategic approach is essential to ensure that work is carried out according to regulations. Errors in the bidding process can be costly for providers. Berngaard/Sandbek has assisted a number of government agencies and municipalities in procurement processes. We help public bodies to conduct orderly and proper procurement processes by providing advice on the selection of appropriate forms of competition and competition planning. In addition, we can contribute with suggestions to procurement strategy and quality assurance of tender documents. 
We assist with 

  • Implementation of the competition, including potential negotiations 
  • Compilation and quality assurance of requirement specifications, including an assessment of demand-oriented or function-oriented requirements 
  • Selection of contract form, potentially preparation of new contracts 
  • Litigation and dispute settlement 
  • Ensuring that the client gets the goods or services that have been agreed upon 
  • Offer development, offer rejection and competition cancellation 
  • Access requests 
  • Appeals 
  • Risk assessment of contracts 

We have an exclusive partnership with AnskaffelseXperten.


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