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Practice areas

Berngaard/Sandbek has vast expertise and broad experience in all corporate matters.

The discipline includes everything that is related to the organization of companies, as well as the purchase and sale of businesses. We offer legal advice related to all phases, from establishment to liquidation of all types of companies. We also assist with the purchase and sale of companies, mergers and demergers, and shareholder agreements. This practice area also includes company types such as liable partnerships, internal partnerships, foundations and associations.

Furthermore, we assist our clients with an effective implementation of transaction processes, which include examination of the goods (due diligence), as well as preparation and negotiation of the purchase agreement.

We assist with

  • Establishment of companies 
  • Selection of corporate form 
  • Mergers and demergers
  • Changes in capital
  • Cooperation agreements, working community agreements and other joint-venture agreements 
  • Purchase and sale of companies or businesses 
  • Due diligence 
  • Compilation of company documentation and protocols 
  • Intercompany transactions 
  • Stock and option programs for employees 
  • Restructuring of corporations 
  • Assessment of duties and responsibilities of directors, shareholders, managers, etc. 
  • Liquidation of companies 
  • Shareholder agreements 
  • Dividends


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We have vast expertise and broad experience in all corporate matters.

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